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Queen Elizabeth II dies: Changes will be need from stamps to passport

The nation mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the end of an era. As we enter this period of mourning, many changes are expected to take place.

The Royal Family made an announcement of Her Majesty’s death on Thursday.

Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne back in 1952. She ruled for 70 years and has become the longest reigning monarch of all time.

This means that her son will ascend to the throne, Charles III, and that other changes will come from this.

What changes will need to be made following the Queen’s death?

Coins and notes

Traditionally, the king’s portrait will be oriented to the left when coins are made

This tradition dates back to the 17th century, even though successive rulers face different directions.

The new coins and notes might not be used for some time. They will design and mint new coins or prints on paper that could be used in the coming days in circulation.

Following Her Majesty’s death, the Royal Mint is recommending new coins to the Chancellor and needs royal approval.

Designers create a list, and the final choices are approved by the Chancellor and King Charles

Until 1953, Queen Elizabeth II coins were not issued.

As long as people are still using coins for a variety of functions, Elizabeth II’s coins will be used, but they might be replaced in the future.


As royalty changes with the passage of time, so too did the stamps.

Queen Elizabeth II was photographed for her first stamps shortly after she became Queen and again two months later before making the final approval in May 1952.

In 1967, her portrait was replaced by the famous sculpture of a head by Arnold Machin, which is accompanied by a cameo silhouette.

Passports and His Majesty

After Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the word of UK passports must be changed to reflect the new monarch.

Though The King no longer needs his own passport or passport holder to travel, the UK government is requiring that new passports must be issued in his name.

The wording will change from Her Majesty’s Passport Office to His Majesty’s Passport Office at some time, as is the case with HM Armed Forces and HM Prison Service.


Charles will need a new personal flag when he is King.

In 1960, the Queen adopted a personal flag which consisted of the crown and roses in gold on a blue background. The flag can be seen on buildings, ships, cars and aircraft throughout the world that have the Queen visiting or traveling on them.

The Royal Standard is the flag that represents the Sovereign and the United Kingdom, in addition to the Sovereign’s personal flag. Additionally, only The Queen can fly her own flag.


Many postboxes are expected to be changed to feature the new King’s cypher.

Some people in Scotland objected to the Queen being referred to as Elizabeth II because she never became a British queen of Scotland during the Tudor era.

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